Design Software - PipeClass


Orlistat 120 mg for sale usa It includes the following features:

  • Selection of nominal pipe diameters to AS/NZS 4058 - 2007
  • Ability to design for multiple pipelines within one project
  • Design for trench and embankment conditions for all typical installation supports
  • Vehicle traffic loads for Australian and New Zealand (as per AS/NZS 3725)
  • Load calculation in accordance to AS/NZS 3725 - 2007
  • Calculation of short term construction vehicle and equipment loads 
  • Detailed design, load and installation outputs for download
  • Detailed installation specifications for each support type
  • An extensive HELP section to assist in understanding the principles behind design go here The latest update of the software has been tested and generates results consistent with version 2.0.22.
    The changes are minor corrections to the Standard and include:

    ·         Negative Projection ratio corrected to p’=h/B.

    ·         Height of fill (H) for railway applications corrected to commence at underside of sleeper not top of rail.

    ·         Corrections to Table B2, Appendix B.

    A review of the imposed loadings from construction plant was also undertaken, however, the existing loadings were considered satisfactory.

    To download your free program, please go to the Download page to register.
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