2.1m_diameterHistorically, the construction of pipes and underground conduits dates back thousands of years and is one of the earliest forms of civil engineering construction. The Romans developed cement and concrete similar to that used today. They mixed slaked lime with a pozzolanic volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius to produce hydraulic cement that hardened under water and would not deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Some pipelines and aqueducts constructed using this concrete are still in use today.

The oldest recorded modern-day concrete pipe installation is a sanitary sewer constructed in 1842 at Mohawk in New York State, USA. It remained in operation for over 100 years. The French were the first to incorporate steel reinforcement in concrete pipe in 1896 (known as the Monier patent). The concept was brought to America in 1905 and to Australia in 1910. 


Since the introduction of concrete pipe technology to this region, over 300 000 kilometres of steel reinforced concrete pipe have been laid in Australia and New Zealand in drainage, road culvert, sewer and pressure pipe applications. Many of these pipes are still in operation and are a testament to the long service life of steel reinforced concrete pipe. Indeed, asset owners can now confidently plan on a 100 year service life for steel reinforced concrete pipe.

CPAA History

The Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia was founded in 1969 as the Concrete Pipe Association of Australia by the reinforced concrete pipe manufacturers in Australia at that time. Two of the founding members, Humes and Rocla, are still involved with the CPAA to this day. In the 1980's the manufacturers of concrete pipe in New Zealand were encouraged to join the Association due the emerging synergies in the region and the stormwater drainage industry. This created the Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia.

4_cell_pipeToday, the CPAA members are the 5 major manufacturers and suppliers of reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts, and associated products in Australia and New Zealand. The members all manufacture concrete pipe in accordance to AS/NZS4058 and support the use of AS/NZS3725 for design and installation. This is reflected in the Articles of Associations as a pre-requisite of being a member of the Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia.

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