Mission and Objectives


To be recognised as the principal source of technical knowledge and education covering all aspects of pipe and related products.


To promote and develop excellence in the steel-reinforced concrete pipe industry ensuring that reinforced concrete pipe is the benchmark product for stormwater drainage, large diameter sewer, low pressure and irrigation pipe applications in Australasia.


Provide value to the industry by:

  • ensuring that within the industry, pipe, and any associated product, is selected, designed and installed in the correct manner
  • providing an industry access point for technical information
  • providing one industry voice to government, statutory authorities and specifiers

Provide value to the members of the Association by:

  • creating and promoting the value of CPAA membership
  • promoting appropriate design, specification and installation in accordance with the most up to date and relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards 
  • promoting the features and benefits of concrete pipe and drive the technically correct analysis, design, materials specification, standards setting, product selection and installation practices
  • promoting growth opportunities for the Industry as a whole
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