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As an industry leader in the steel reinforced concrete pipe industry, the CPAA and it's members participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. The CPAA also enjoys a close relationship with concrete pipe industry groups around the world, linking global information to local experience.

This page is dedicated to providing technical reports and papers to industry on appropriate and relevant information to the stormwater, wastewater and irrigation industries.

Technical Papers

AcceptanceComparison of pipeline design installation requirements rigid v flexible  (401 KB) This Technical paper was updated recently to focus primarily on rigid pipe (concrete) and flexible pipe (plastic). It outlines the main differences between the two materials when it comes to design requirements (specifiers) and installation requirements (contractors). Importantly it highlights the fact that concrete pipe is accepted based on performance, whilst plastic is accepted based on design calculation.

Acceptance Optimum curing cycles for precast concrete (426 kB)
Many types of precast concrete are heated to accelerate the strength gain of the concrete to enable one or more daily uses of the mould. This early curing treatment also serves as a first stage in achieving the strength and durability but what are the optimum curing cycles for precast concrete?

Acceptance Curing of concrete pipe - a brief abstract (320 kB)
A brief look at the curing mechanisms of concrete pipe, how they differ to typical concrete, and the impact on its properties.

AcceptanceAcceptance testing of concrete pipe using CCTV(670 KB)
This paper presents an appropriate use of CCTV technology for the beneift of assessing installed steel reinforced concete pipe.

ConcreteConcrete pipe - hard facts(539 KB)  
The paper outlines the important durability facts that should be understood when selecting a pipe material, and how this is reflected on concrete pipe.  

ConcreteConcrete pipe in tidal flow and saline conditions(957 KB)
Concrete is a durable material that is traditionally suspect in chloride environments. This paper shows why concrete pipe should not be put into the same category as typical concrete. 

HowHow long will stormwater pipes really last(1324 KB)
Can concrete pipe really last more than 200 years? This paper, originally presented for the IPWEA and then for CPAA, shows it can be done!

Long Long term stiffness of black max(724 KB) 
The long term stiffness of black max flexible pipe is examined in this technical paper.  

SettingSetting the standard for concrete pipe(865 KB)
AS/NZS4058 and AS/NZS3725 are the concrete pipe standards in Australia and New Zealand. This paper shows why they are the most appropriate standards for this material.

TheThe design & installation requirements for various pipe types(2090 KB)
Different pipe materials require different design requirements and installation techniques. This detailed paper explores the differences and explains the critical differences that need to be understood when specifying rigid, semi-rigid and flexible pipe. 

 Concrete Concrete pipe exposed to acidic ground conditions (1016 KB)
How does concrete pipe react when exposed to acidic soils? This report provides detail on what to expect and how the durability of the concrete pipe can be affected

Technical Reports

 Impacts Impacts of the life cycle costs of stormwater drainage assets (968 KB)
This paper, prepared by GHD for the CPAA, explores the impacts of various pipe types and their life cycle costs as stormwater drainage assets. 

Concrete Concrete pipe infrastructure - beyond 2000 (674 KB)  
This report, prepared in the 1990's, was designed to look at concrete pipe and its design requirements well into the 21st century.
ElementsElements of pipe design(2081 KB)
What goes into designing a concrete pipeline system? This report looks at the elements required to design concrete pipe infrastructure.

External External corrosion & protection of buried concrete pipe (1029 KB)
Concrete pipe is a buried structure. There are a number of contaminants that it can be exposed to. The report looks at the durable nature of concrete pipe and how it is affcted by external corrosive factors. 

Practical Practical steps to maximise the value of concrete Pipe (350 KB)
How can you maximise the value of your concrete pipe asset? This report helps you determine the best way how.
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