Technical Publications

This section includes a number of documents in various forms such as Engineering Guidelines and Technical Briefs. All the documents below have been complied by CPAA technical experts and are available here, free of charge, to download.

The publications have been listed under the following categories - acceptance and testing, durability and design, hydraulics, installation and pipe materials.

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  • Acceptance and Testing

    pdf Assessment guidelines for circumferential cracking  
    This guideline explains why concrete pipe may crack circumferentially, and how this issue can be avoided. The document also outlines what options there if your pipe has cracked.

    pdf  Assessment guidelines for longitudinal cracking
    This guideline explains why concrete pipe may crack longitudinally, where this is permissable, and how problems can be avoided. The document also outlines what options there if your pipe has cracked in this manner

    pdf Guidelines for deflection testing of flexible pipe
    Pipelines need to be assessed before being placed into service to ensure they are fit for purpose. Flexible pipelines in particular need assessment due to deflection. This document provides the specifier with a detailed method statement for deflection testing before sign off of flexible pipe.

    pdf Life cycle cost analysis in drainage projects
    The cost of any infrastructure project needs to take into consideration the entire life cycle of the job. Drainage infrastructure is extremely important in this instance as it is a buried structure.

    pdf Impacts on the life cycle costs of stormwater drainage assets
    This Technical Brief has been complied from a paper originallyprepared by GHD for the CPAA. It explores the impacts of various pipe types and their life cycle costs as stormwater drainage assets.

    pdf  Water absorption of concrete pipes
    Concrete pipe is manufactured in accordance to a performance based standard. The durability test for concrete pipe is the water absorption test. This document outlines the methodology used and why strict rates of absorption are applied to concrete pipe.

  • Durability and Design

    pdf Guide to Understanding AS/NZS 4058
    This guide has been compiled by the Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia to assist industry stakeholders in understanding the background to various requirements and expectations that are outlined in AS/NZS 4058, and why these apply specifically to precast concrete pipes.

    pdf Autogenous healing in concrete pipe  
    The self healing process of concrete, known as autogenous healing, plays a significant part in the durability aspects of concrete pipe. This technical brief will explain hw the process works and why it improves the durability of your asset.

    pdf Concrete pipe in acid sulfate soil
    Potential and actual acid sulfate soils can be an agressive environment for concrete. This Technical Brief explains how concrete pipe can be made to last 100 years in this environment. 

    pdf Concrete pipe jacking
    This technical brief is a summary of the CPAA Design Manual for Jacking Pipe. It provides an overview of the important aspects of concrete pipes used for jacking purposes along with the design and installation requirements.

    pdf Cracking in concrete pipe
    The fact sheet outlines some important details on concrete pipe and that never ending dilemma, the crack. Why are some cracks good in concrete pipe? What is an acceptable size? Read on for more details.

    pdf Designing Durable Concrete Pipelines
    This document provides specifiers with a detailed guideline on how to design concrete pipe durability in agressive areas. 

  • Hydraulics

    pdf Discharge capacity of pipelines
    One notable area of diffrence amongst the various pipe materials available today is the relative hydraulic characteristics. The various types of pipes have differing discharge capacities and this document assists designers in ascertaining the appropriate hydraulic design requirements.

    pdf Flow characteristics of RC and HDPE pipe for stormwater drainage application
    This document sets out relevant technical and engineering information concerning the discharge capacity of pipelines constructed from reinforced concrete pipe and high density polyethylene pipe.

    pdf Rational approach to hydraulic design
    This technical brief is concerned primarily with the selection of the appropriate roughness coefficients for the calculation of pipeline capacity and the consequent selection of pipe diameter. An extremely important document for designers of pipeline systems.

  • Installation

    pdf Selecting Materials for Bedding of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe
    This Engineering Guideline will provide industry with some alternatives to consider when the selected fill materils and corresponding grading limits outlined in AS/NZS 3725 cannot be sourced or achieved without compromising the bedding factor associated with the designed support type.

    pdf Foreman's guide to laying concrete pipe
    Installing concrete pipe requires skill and attention to detail. This guide provides on-site workers a ready made reference sheet to address the important aspects of concrete pipe installation to ensure the job is done right first time.

  • Pipe Materials

    pdf Guide for Loading and Unloading Concrete Pipes
    The unloading and loading of concrete pipe often requires putting someone in a position where safety can be a concern. This Guide is intended for use by persons responsible for the safe loading, delivery and unloading of vehicles which transport precast concrete pipe and associated products from CPAA member factories to either construction sites or merchants\' yards.

    pdf Deflection of flexible plastic pipe
    Did you know that AS2566 outlines a maximum deflection limit for flexible plastic pipe? What happens if that deflection is exceeded? The fact sheet answers some questions that can have a major impact on your asset life.

    pdf Manufacturing concrete jacking pipe
     An engineering guideline for designers to specify concrete jacking pipe that is made to Australian and New Zealand standards and specification.

    pdf  Understanding flexible plastic pipe
    Did you know that flexible pipe relies on the strength of the soil surrounding it to act as a conduit? Did you also know that flexible pipelines require a detailed and onerous design process? 

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