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The Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia represents manufacturers of steel reinforced concrete pipe and associated products who are committed to the use of AS/NZS 4058 "Precast concrete pipe (Pressure and non-pressure)" and AS/NZS 3725 "Design for the installation of buried concrete pipe", as the benchmarks in industry.
The Association aspires to represent excellence in design, manufacture, application, and technology of steel-reinforced concrete pipe and associated products.
Steel reinforced concrete pipe – built to last for over 100 years!.

Important guidelines to follow when designing/installing concrete pipes
Construction Load Charts
Deflection Testing
For more guidelines/briefs go to our Resources - Technical Publications

Research: Rigid V's Flexible
CPAA commissioned an independent review of pipe costs by OPUS. The results are interesting and counter to the myth that plastic is cheaper than concrete. If you ‘do things right’ then concrete is the most cost effective solution. The document makes interesting reading and highlights some important considerations when making decisions about the choice of material. The report concludes that ‘The requirements for more imported material and ovality testing mean that rigid pipes should be cheaper to install than flexible pipes and have a corresponding lower whole of life cost.’ The exercise was completed for both the Australian cost base and the New Zealand cost base using identical methodology.
To view these reports go to our Resources - Technical Notes

Training Courses: Engineering Training Institute Australia (formerly CCS) will be running a full day concrete pipeline design course in SYD - Thursday 18th October and BRIS - Friday 26th October 2018: This is the only full day design course on concrete pipeline design in accordance with the Australian Standards AS/NZS4058 and AS/NZS3725 This is the only full day design course on concrete pipeline design in accordance with the Australian Standards, AS/NZS 4058 and AS/NZS 3725. Don't miss out on the opportunity to further your design expertise to provide pipeline systems that will last. E: registrations@etia.net.au T: 02 9899 7447 click here for more information

 Congratulations to our University Award Winners for 2017/2018 Sydney Duong - UTS & Callum Cusack UniSA for more information click here

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